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A WebSite is an integral part of any business,enterprise or organization. Creating a WebSite is one topic of discussion. Maintaining and updating

WebSite Content is an entirely separate discussion!


 A WebSite is usually created by a Professional Company or Individual on a fee basis and may be very simple or complex.

Often, a WebSite is created by Individuals using a free  Editing Program.These editing programs allow an individual to create very impressive

WebSites with relative ease.


Regardless of the format to create a WebSite, the quality of the content and how to manage updates to the WebSite becomes an ongoing problem

for most individuals. set up a page on a WebSite.............who will maintain the page and keep it interesting or more informative?


Someone has to keep Text, Video, Photographs and other content up to date. Do you have the time to always do this?


Our Service offers to update your page on an individual basis.We review your update request and quote the price for the update.


If you currently have a Page on an existing WebSite, for example:" A Chamber of Commerce", we can quote a separate personal WebSite that would be Linked from the Chamber of Commerce site. Your WebSite becomes your own property and is easily edited by either you or us.


So....... Contact us to discuss adding content to your existing site or page or the option of creating your own personal site!





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